Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ph Chart.


Into the Woods

Poster for the musical Into the Woods; based on the book by James Lapine with music and lyrics from Stephen Sondheim.

Castrol Motor Oil

Re-design of Castrol Motor Oil packaging.

Heart & Lungs - Stamps

  This set of stamps shows four of the main stages in oxygenation of the blood.

In the presentation pack each stamp is has a corresponding description of what the image is showing and how it relates to a specific stage in the process. The stamps are positioned on the diagram opposite the descriptions showing you where this stage takes place in the body.

Madder Red

This series of posters is designed to show you how to dissect a rat after a period of feeding it madder root to make its bones turn red. It is a bit grim like.


Poster for an animated film - Chinook, by Alex Bulmer.

Lino Print

This is a photo of one of 4 lino prints that I'll be showing at an exhibition here.

I made the image for a movie poster for a film called Chinook.

Lino cuts.

 These are some photos of lino that I've been cutting.